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6.69 cent
RS 4800000/-
Ref. Number TL-2110
GPS Coordniates :
Description : Near Thiruvalla Town

First Come, First Served

Each parcel of land will be sold to the first person who contacts our office to arrange the required deposit.

Documents on File

We hold perfect title, in the form of Deed, or Certificate of Title, for every property we offer, and these documents may be inspected at our office at any time. We undertake to give you clear title or refund the amount you have paid to us, in full, without interest or other charges.


When the buyer has paid the purchase price in full and on receipt of a fee of one thousand rupees(tax included), a deed transfer conveying clear title will be issued. Each taluk has a same system and in most cases, we are required to register title for you through our Solicitors. For others, we do not register your title but supply the information on costs and clear instructions for easy registration. In both cases, registration fees apply.

Property Taxes

The buyer is required to pay taxes for 2019 and following years. Taxes are not apportioned to date of purchase. A charge (Including Sales Tax) per tax bill will be added for bank fees and handling costs.


Terms of payment are quoted in the individual property descriptions and the purchaser may choose for himself whether to take advantage of the discount offered for cash or to pay in regular monthly installments. If payments are to be made by installments, the first monthly payment will fall due one month from the date of acceptance of the order and regularly each month thereafter on the same date until the purchase price is paid in full. Regularity of monthly payments is essential. Interest will be calculated monthly, on the unpaid balance of the account (including taxes paid on the customer’s behalf) at a rate of one percent per month (12.7 percent yearly). Account balances may be paid out at any time without penalty or other charges.


If for any reason, within two years from date of original purchase, you decide to exchange your property for another of equal or greater value, we will credit all monies paid to thomsrealty. for the property to the new account, less interest and taxes, if any. A transfer fee is payable at time of transfer.

How to Order

Please contact our office by phone or email in order to verify the availability of your property of interest and to arrange for the deposit.


Information contained in our property description is taken from government maps, reports reliable sources and, while we do not guarenteeit, we believe it to be accurate.

About Us

It Has Now Been Over 16 Years Since Binoy Thomas Wandered Into A Private Land Sale On The Front Steps Of Pathanamthitta To Acquire His First Parcel Of Land. He Subsequently Sold The Property And Bought More - And That Was How Our Company Began.
Who Could Have Imagined That Lots In Thiruvalla, Which Were Then Selling For 3 Cents, Would Be Worth What They Are Today!
Today's Prices Have Risen Dramatically Since 2005, But Give Some Thought To What They Will Be In The Year 2025 - And In The Year 2030! Will You Still Be Able To Buy Vacant Land?
And What Will The Price Be Then?
Will It Be Double Or Triple What It Is Today?
At That Point In Time The Old Binoy Thomas Saying May Be More Fact Than Humour: "Land - Buy Now, They Ain't Making Any More Of The Stuff."



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"Where justice is denied, where poverty is enforced, where ignorance prevails, and where any one class is made to feel that society is an organized conspiracy to oppress, rob and degrade them, neither persons nor property will be safe."
              -Frederick Douglass
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